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greengate has what you need
from start to finish.
Everything you need to start from scratch. If it’s seeds you are looking for, then look no further! greengate Garden Centres carries a huge selection of seeds, featuring West Coast Seeds, Livingston, Burpee Mackenzie and Rene’s Garden.
We are proud to offer their 2017 selections of untreated, non-gmo seeds for organic growing. With a huge variety of heirloom, open-pollinated, hybrid vegetable seeds, along with a many fragrant herbs, and with hundreds of flower seeds there is sure to be something to inspire both novice and master gardeners.
Regardless of whether you want to grow flowers, or vegetables start your seeds, using Jiffy Peat Pellets, or growing trays. We have several growing mediums, transplanting pots, grow lights, mini greenhouses and most importantly we have the gardening experts on hand who can help you get going, or help you trouble shoot any growing issues and answer your difficult gardening problems!
Plant Early!
Sowing seeds directly into the garden eliminates the need to transplant. The seeds are planted directly into the rows, or beds where they are to grow. Most seeds are sold as loose seeds in a paper packet and should be planted at the depth and spacing indicated on the packet. Some seeds are also sold as seed tape, which eliminates the need for spacing. Many plants must be started indoors, in order to do well in our relatively short summers. They should be planted by start dates specific to individual plants. This information can be found on individual seed packets, or if you’re not sure just come in and ask!
Often overlooked there are some super easy plants that can grow here in Calgary from seed directly sewn in early spring! Sunflowers are amazing and certainly they add interest color and can of course be eaten. Nothing says summer like Lavatera and Nasturtiums too! Never mind plants like peas and beans that do just great directly sewn.
Many seeds get off to a better start when they are sown indoors in containers and later transplanted outdoors. Jiffy Peat Pellet kits include everything you need for starting seeds, but any container with adequate drainage will do. Seeds that are started in February or March may do better growing
under fluorescent lights, as day length is short and windows may not provide light over a long enough period. Those started in April and early May will generally be fine in bright, sunny windows. Some seeds need heat to germinate, some need cool; some need to be covered, and some need to be exposed to light. Experiment with likely spots in your home and remember that fluorescent lighting can be added to supplement natural light.
Growing from seed is often thought of as a daunting process, but its actually a relatively easy process and like anything the more you try the better you become at it. Starting from seed is a way to stretch your gardening dollar. Plants like tomatoes are a perfect example. Starting them on your on is cheap compared to buying them already started in a large pot. Sure, its easy and sometimes the plants are already bearing fruit, but there is nothing more satisfying than getting your hands dirty and having the honour of serving fresh tomatoes that you grew from seed!
Starting seeds from scratch is also a great way to add to your perennial or even annual beds too. Even starting seeds in season and bringing them on and transplanting them later in spring or even summer can save you a lot of money. You can grow perennial seeds in large numbers in the house and moving them outside when the risk of frost has already passed and transplant these little gems in areas of your beds, that can use a few more plants, a little later in the season. For just a few dollars and a little of your time your beds can be filled right up! For sure it can take several years for your perennials to mature, but even store bought perennials can take some time. You’re going to find many different varieties of flowers and plants in the seed section that you may not be able to find as potted plants in the greenhouse, so starting from seed is a great way to introduce some less than easily found perennials into your yard.
This year is the season to grow from scratch if you haven’t been doing so already! When you come into greengate Garden Centres this spring don’t turn a blind eye to the seed section. There’s a lot of bang for your buck just waiting to be planted.
This information can be found on individual seed packets, as well as in Gardensense in the seeding date section - pg. 11.
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