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Oso Easy® Roses
Anyone can grow roses when they are Oso Easy! This exceptional collection can truly boast the broadest color range of any landscape rose – including the highly sought-after true red.
This collection has exceptional disease
resistance, a tidy habit, a long season of color and durable cold hardiness.
Above in landscape:
No Space Too Small
Just because you live in an apartment or have a tiny yard doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden. View every nook and cranny as an opportunity to grow something, whether that is on the front stoop, the corner of your balcony, the side
of the garage or on the windowsill. Your space may be limited, but your creativity doesn’t have to be too.
Cherry Pie Rosa x (Ht: 2-4') Above outlined, left to right:
OSO EASY® Mango Salsa Rosa x (Ht: 2-3'), OSO EASY® ITALIAN ICE® Rosa x (Ht: 18-30"), OSO EASY® Lemon Zest Rosa x (Ht: 2-3'), OSO EASY® Paprika Rosa x (Ht: 1-2'), OSO EASY® URBAN LEGENDTM Rosa x (Ht: 2.5-3'), and OSO EASY® Pink Cupcake Rosa x (Ht: 2-4')
Find all of our disease resistant landscape roses at
Find step-by-step instructions on how to build custom planters at
Above at left: CATALINA® GUILDED GRAPETM Torenia and Sweet Caroline Sweetheart JET BLACKTM Ipomoea batatas with vegetables and strawberries Above at right: PEGASUS® Begonia, PURPLE CHABLISTM Lamium maculatum and Yerba Buena
Opposite: SUPERBENA® Burgundy Verbena, SNOWSTORM® GIANT SNOWFLAKE® Sutera cordata with vegetables and herbs

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