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Layered landscapes
If you love this look of a lavish layered garden, consider planting larger-sized annuals like cannas, dahlias and lantanas in your landscape this year. Plants like these reach new heights where soil space is unlimited, sunshine is plentiful and flowers are free to mingle amongst one another.
Positioning the tallest plants in the back and scaling them down towards the front will ensure all are seen in their full glory. When you fill the garden with fast growing flowers, you’ll save time and money by limiting the space weeds might have grown in and reducing the amount of mulch you’ll need to lay down in your garden beds.
Above: LUSCIOUS® BERRY BLENDTM Lantana camara and LUSCIOUS® Bananarama Lantana camara At left: Mystic Illusion Dahlia and TOUCANTM Scarlet Canna
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TOUCANTM Red Canna, TOUCANTM Rose Canna, TOUCANTM Scarlet Canna, TOUCANTM Yellow Canna, Mystic Illusion Dahlia,
HELLO!TM Pumpkin Gerbera, LUSCIOUS® Marmalade Lantana camara, LUSCIOUS® BERRY BLENDTM Lantana camara, and SUPERTUNIA® Really
Red Petunia

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