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At greengate garden centres you’ll find knowledgeable staff and even more great gardening stuff than ever before. We’ve taken your input on what you expect a garden centre should be, and done our best to deliver it. Through innovation and enthusiasm we strive to offer you the very best in gardening. We believe gardening should be fun, so we’ve made a commitment to offer a better experience by introducing new ideas and innovative products to you the gardener. Our Cravo greenhouses with retractable roofs offer a superior environment for both the plants and people. It’s just one of the ways we’re offering a better garden centre experience.
As we look forward into the future it become obvious that all of us need to do our part for the environment. At greengate, we have been doing what we can to live up to the expectations of our customers in this regard and as such have been recycling pallets, plastics, paper, cardboard and since 2009 we have used biodegradable shopping bags. We have also been a long time user of 100% green power, currently through Bullfrog Power. In future we will look at news ways to reduce waste and help protect the environment. greengate has, and will, continue to offer you green alternatives and products so that together we can make a big difference in Calgary. As dangerous chemicals are being removed from use we bring you safer alternatives for your garden and home. Once again we are showing our support for the Calgary Horticultural Society by offering discounts to members and supporting gardening endeavours through our partnership. We are also offering to further support to community gardens through donations and we hope to help Calgarians re-discover the joys of growing their own good eats! The Calgary Horticultural Society, offers support to local gardeners and Calgary garden events, a goal which we share.
greengate’s “Gardensense” is a magazine that is intended to be a simple information source that gives you a sense of what goes on and in Calgary gardens and a sense of what we’re all about. Gardensense is a useful tool that will help you plan your yard and find the ideal plants that start or finish your garden. This year we have added some simple tips so you can quickly get to your gardening goals. Look for us on the web too at where we offer more detailed information on a variety of subjects.
greengate Garden Centres
Writen by: Robert Smith
Graphic design: Insight Studios Inc
Special thanks to:
the Calgary Horticultural Society members for allowing us to photograph & print images from their astounding Calgary gardens.
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greengate and Gardensense are about helping you create the perfect garden. We hope our approach will bring you closer to your passion - gardening.
At your service and happy gardening,

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