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Outside, this page:
PEGASUS® Begonia, SUREFIRE® Red Begonia benariensis, SUREFIRE® Rose Begonia benariensis, HELLO!TM Magentamen Gerbera, HELLO!TM Pumpkin Gerbera, ‘Sweet Caroline Light Green’ Ipomoea batatas, Sweet Caroline Sweetheart JET BLACKTM Ipomoea batatas, CHARMED® Wine Oxalis regnellii, LEMON CORALTM Sedum mexicanum, COLORBLAZE® VELVETEEN® Solenostemon (Coleus)
Inside, opposite:
PEGASUS® Begonia, SUREFIRE® Red Begonia benariensis, HELLO!TM Miss Scarlet Gerbera, CHARMED® Wine Oxalis regnellii, MOJAVE® Red Portulaca grandiflora, LEMON CORALTM Sedum mexicanum
Annuals that perform
well as indoor plants:
PEGASUS® Begonia
SUREFIRE® Begonia benariensis COLORBLAZE® Solenostemon (Coleus) DIAMOND DELIGHT® Euphorbia DIAMOND FROST® Euphorbia HELLO!TM Gerbera
CHARMED® Wine Oxalis regnellii BOLDLY® and TIMELESSTM Pelargonium MOJAVE® Portulaca grandiflora LEMON CORALTM Sedum mexicanum
Outdoor Indoor
It doesn’t have to be over when old man winter comes a knockin’! If you love to garden, extend the season year ‘round by moving select plants indoors for winter. Indoor plants have enormous, well-documented benefits including:
Producing oxygen which perks us up
Increasing humidity which reduces cold-like symptoms
Providing us with cleaner air to breathe
Fostering faster healing Improving productivity
Boosting our mood and decreasing stress
Find care tips and additional information about these plants at

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