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Celebrate life
Life is so very precious. Celebrate it, and all of the wonderful people in your life, every chance you get. You don’t need a big home to gather people for a party. (Everyone stands in the kitchen anyway, right?) Let’s get outside and make the most of our outdoor spaces.
Plants, like people, liven things up with their spirited colors, heady fragrances and touchable textures. Create a welcoming energy in your outdoor spaces by planting bountiful blooms, inviting your family and community in,
and celebrating every moment. Don’t forget the birthday candles!
Find fun party ideas at
Outlined, left to right:
SEÑORITA BLANCA® Cleome, SUPERTUNIA® Mini Blue Veined Petunia, AMAZING DAISIESTM DAISY MAY® Leucanthemum superbum, QUICKSILVERTM Artemisia stelleriana, ARTFUL® FIRE AND ICE® Caladium hortulanum, SUPERTUNIA® Mini Silver Petunia, INTENSIA® White Phlox and GRACEFUL
GRASSES® PRINCE TUTTM Cyperus papyrus. 10

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