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P. 177

Potassium Potting soil Propagation Pruning Rhizome Root
Root ball Rooting hormone Seedling
Succulent Sucker
Systemic Terrarium Thinning
Topsoil Transplanting Tuber
Winter kill
The element of fertilizer that promotes cell strength and plant hardiness A mix of soil or other products used for plants grown in containers Starting new plants
The removal or shortening of branches from plants
A thickened stem that grows horizontally along the soil’s surface
The underground part of the plant that supplies nutrients and water to the plant from the surrounding soil
The roots along with the soil that clings to them
A liquid or powder that contains hormones which stimulate root formation in cuttings
A young plant that has been raised from a seed
A plant with many woody stems
The act of planting seeds
Plant groupings that have the same general characteristics
Tall flower head
The main above ground part of the plant that develops buds and shoots
A plant with fleshy leaves and stems that can adapt to survive drought conditions
Growth coming directly from a plant’s roots
A chemical pesticide, fungicide or weed killer that is absorbed into a plant’s system
An enclosed glass case for growing humidity-loving plants
Removing excess seedlings so that the remaining plants have room to reach maturity
The uppermost layer of most fertile soil
Moving a plant from one spot in the garden to another, also refers to moving container plants into larger containers A thickened underground stem or root that stores plant nutrients for later use
Leaves that have edges or patches a different colour than the main leaf colour
A plant that is growing in the wrong place
Portion of a plant dying back due to harsh winter conditions

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