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Furrow Germination Grafting Ground cover Hardening off Hardiness Herb Herbicide Humus Hybrid Insecticide Leader
Loam Microclimate
Naturalizing Nitrogen
Organic gardening Organic material Perennial Phosphorous Pollination
A term describing plant leaves
To encourage a plant to come into stem, leaf and flower production out of season
A shallow trench in which seeds or seedlings are planted
The process of seeds turning into young plants
The process of artificially uniting a stem with a stock plant
Low growing, spreading plants that cover large areas
Adapting a plant slowly to colder conditions
A plant’s ability to survive in harsh conditions
Plants with culinary or medicinal uses
A chemical used to kill unwanted plants
Organic matter resulting from composting
A plant variety resulting from the combination of two different plant species, varieties, or cultivars
A chemical used to kill insects that are considered pests
The plant’s main stem
Soil rich in organic material, ideal for growing
The climate of a small area. Yards may contain several microclimates that may support the needs of different plants
A layer of organic material placed on the soil to retain moisture, suppress weed growth and insulate plant roots
The process of planting bulbous plants where they are scattered to create a natural look The element present in fertilizer that promotes leaf growth
Gardening without the use of pesticides
Decomposed plant matter used in mulches and composts
A non-woody plant that lives longer than two years
The element of fertilizer that promotes root growth
The transfer of pollen between plants, which enables flower and fruit production

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