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Acid soil Aeration
Air layering Alpine
Annual Biennial Blanching
Bog plant
Bone meal Bonsai Botanical name Bud
Bulblet Cactus Compost Corm
Cormel Deadheading Deciduous Division Dormancy Dwarf Evergreen Fertilizer
Soil with a pH below 7
Puncturing the soil to allow better water and air circulation
A propagation method used for plants that have grown too tall
Plants that grow naturally above the tree line in mountainous regions
A plant that completes its life cycle and dies in one season
A plant that completes its life cycle over two seasons
Keeping light from tender vegetable stems
A species that has evolved to live in damp soil
A slow release phosphorous rich natural fertilizer
The Japanese method of training dwarf plants in containers
The scientific name for a plant; plants may have several common names
The swelling as a plant starts new flower or leaf growth
An underground stem, that stores nutrients and produces stems, leaves and flowers
A small bulb developing at the base of a mature one
A succulent plant with swollen, fleshy stems, and needles
A soft, rich, dark substance produced by decomposing organic matter
Thick underground stems, covered by protective leaves, that flower and die in one season Small corm developing on the surface of corms
Removing spent flowers to encourage re-blooming
Plants that lose their leaves at the end of the growing season
The process of dividing clump forming plants into separate smaller plants
The annual period when plant’s growth slows greatly, usually the winter
A miniature form of a particular plant
A plant that retains its foliage all year long
A compound that provides plants with nutrients

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