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New England is the Maritimes, with its lighthouses, gardens and tidy little shops and houses. It also has accessories representing native wild animals, woodland scenes, bridges and fishing, that suggest the hills and the seacoast.
Christmas in the City is New York City in the 1930’s and 40’s. The tall, stately buildings hold a variety of shops and accessories. Both people and vehicles add to the hustle and bustle of the big city.
Alpine Village reminds us of the mountains of Europe - the colorful buildings, snow, music and beautiful mountain scenery. There are accessories and people to enjoy it all. What a wonderful place to live!
Little Town of Bethlehem suggests ancient biblical themes, spanning history over thousands of years, and buildings and people similar to those of that era. You will see camels, shepherds and wise men as well as nativity scenes.
Snowbabies are delightful little children frolicking in the snow - a completely different collectible from Department 56. Their creamy white snowsuits are covered with nubby bisque crystals and their adorable faces are hand painted. Snowbabies are welcomed as holiday gifts, not only at Christmas but for birthdays, new babies, Mother’s Day and anniversaries.
Halloween is kids and trick or treat, a spooky farmhouse, ghosts and goblins, a haunted outhouse, pumpkins and a haunted hearse. Very scary!

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