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By using earth-toned containers blooms and fiery red foliage tak create a warm, welcoming moo
Find color ideas from our 2017 board at www.provenwinners.
on this neutral flagstone patio, the sunset-toned e center stage. Tropical colors like these can
d and add spunk to otherwise plain spaces.
Pantone Color of the Year – “Greenery” com/greenery.
Outlined, from left to right.
HELLO!TM Miss Scarlet Gerbera, SUPERBELLS® T Sunrise Calibrachoa and DOLCE® ‘Silver Gumdr
At right, from left to right.
HELLO!TM Pumpkin Gerbera
SUPERBELLS® Tropical Sunrise Calibrachoa Firelight: HELLO!TM Miss Scarlet Gerbera, DOLC GRASSES® Purple Fountain Grass Pennisetum s Grass Scirpus cernuus and COLORBLAZE® KEYS Let Your Light Shine: SUPERBELLS® Yellow Ca ‘Fireworks’ Pennisetum and SUNSATIA® BLOOD GRACEFUL GRASSES® ‘Fireworks’ Pennisetum
op’ Heuchera
E® ‘Silver Gumdrop’ Heuchera, GRACEFUL etaceum, GRACEFUL GRASSES® Fiber Optic TONE KOPPER® Solenostemon (Coleus) librachoa, GRACEFUL GRASSES®
Cultivating Community
Using wheeled crate containers and neutral white elements, we created this flexible outdoor patio space that works just as well for celebratory neighborhood gatherings as it does for morning brunch with friends. A quick rearrangement of furniture also accommodated a makeshift bowling alley for a child’s birthday party (flip the page for this fun idea). Sharing time together outdoors is one easy way to cultivate
a sense of community with your neighbors.
Discover more outdoor entertainment ideas, including step-by-step instructions for building your own wheeled wooden planter at
At left and opposite, in
containers and planters:
QUICKSILVERTM Artemisia stelleriana,
LO & BEHOLD® ‘Ice Chip’ Buddleia, ARTFUL® FIRE AND ICE® Caladium hortulanum, SEÑORITA BLANCA® Cleome, GRACEFUL GRASSES® PRINCE TUTTM Cyperus papyrus, GRACEFUL GRASSES® ‘Sky Rocket’ Pennisetum, SHADOWLAND® ‘Autumn Frost’ Hosta, AMAZING DAISIESTM DAISY MAY® Leucanthemum superbum, SUPERTUNIA® Mini Blue Veined Petunia, SUPERTUNIA® Mini Silver Petunia, INTENSIA® White Phlox, and LEMON CORALTM Sedum mexicanum

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