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gardener’s secrets - fall maintenance Tidy beds in preparation for next season.
Mulch perennials, but not until after the first heavy frost to discourage pests and rodents. Beats Peat makes an excellent fall mulch.
Staking a wind barrier around frost sensitive trees, like Maydays or Mountain ash, can reduce winter damage.
Burlap staked around the tree perimeter is effective. Do not wrap burlap directly on the tree as it will suffer in higher temperatures.
Water plants continuously through the fall right up to freeze up.
gardener’s secrets - eco pest management
Aphids can be greatly reduced by encouraging chickadees to stick around with birdseed or suete in the winter since their main diet is aphid egg cases. Produced in Canada, Sun Country Farms makes several great mixes. Lady Bugs are also very effective and available for sale at greengate.
Deer & squirrels can be repelled by adding blood meal to soil. GroundsKeeper’s Pride is a good choice.
Ants can be controlled without chemicals, for the safety of pets and children. A good option is ChemFree Incectigone Ant Killer that uses Diatomaceous Earth.
Weeds can be suppressed by using a selective herbicide that is more safe for children and pets, such as Scott’s EcoSense Weed B Gone, which uses the mineral Iron as its active ingredient.
Slugs can be baited with a eco-friendly slug and snail bait which is not harmful to pets, birds, and other wildlife. Scott’s EcoSense Slug B Gone is an effective option that uses the compound ferric phosphate as its active ingredient. This compound is commonly found in soils.
fall maintenance

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