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house plants
gardener’s secrets - house plants
Place plants in a spot that is appropriate for that plant, i.e.: direct, indirect, low light conditions. Reduce watering during winter. This will reduce the chances of fungus gnats.
Feed house plants regularly using a good multipurpose fertilizer, Schultz 10-15-10 Liquid Plant Food is a gardener’s favourite.
Transplant up only one pot size. This reduces the chances of over watering.
Use a water meter to take the guess work out of watering. A quality water meter will have a general watering chart as a guide on the back.
Name Comments
Botanical Name
Streptocarpus spp.
Light Watering
Bright filtered light
Allow soil to dry out between waterings Almost continuous purple, pink or white trumpet-shaped flowers; long lived flowers
ROSE-MINIATURE Rosa chinensis Bright direct light Keep soil moist
Many colours of this miniature single or double flower

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