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Seasonal Style with Supertunia® Petunias
Wouldn’t you love to have a porch like this to come home to every day? You can do it! We used one simple combination for each season, incorporating cool tones for spring, hot colors for summer and harvest hues for fall. You change your wardrobe each season, so why not change your front porch trimmings too?
Notice those splashy Supertunia petunias in every container recipe? Since they thrive in both cool and warm weather, they’re a versatile choice for every season.
Added Bonus: There’s no need to trim off the spent flowers – just feed them a bit and place them in a sunny spot on your porch and they’ll bloom like crazy from spring through fall.
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Spring Recipe
Above & Beyond:
SUPERTUNIA® Vista BUBBLEGUM® Petunia SUPERTUNIA® Vista Fuchsia Petunia SUPERTUNIA® Vista Silverberry Petunia
Summer Recipe
Backyard BBQ:
SUPERBELLS® DREAMSICLETM Calibrachoa FLAMBÉ® Yellow Chrysocephalum apiculatum SUPERTUNIA® Really Red Petunia
Fall Recipe
SUPERBELLS® Yellow Calibrachoa CAMPFIRETM Fireburst Bidens SUPERTUNIA® HONEYTM Petunia

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