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RHODODENDRON Rhododendron hybrids 3-5/3-5 ft. 1-1.5/1-1.5 m various sun to part shade 4
Several varieties of compact evergreen shrubs with large early flowers, needs acid soil
RUSSIAN ALMOND Prunus tenella 5/5 ft. 1.5/1.5 m pink sun 3
Fragrant spring flowers along the branches before narrow leaves emerge
SEA BUCKTHORN Hippophae rhamnoides 13/10 ft. 4/3 m yellow sun 2
Thorny stems with narrow silver leaves and small flowers; masses of orange fruit if pollinated, drought tolerant
Name Comments
Botanical Name
Lonicera species
Height/Spread Sun or Shade
3-10/3-5 ft. 1-3/1-1.5 m
Flower Colour Zone
various 3
pink, white 3-4
various 3
white 2-4
white 3
white 3
pink 3
pink 3
sun to part shade Several varieties of shrubs with fragrant spring flowers; small berries attract birds
HYDRANGEA Hydrangea species 3/3 ft. 1/1 m moist part shade
Two varieties of shade tolerant shrubs with large showy flower clusters
LILAC Syringa spp. 5-15/5 ft. 1.5-3 m sun
Many varieties, large, fragrant flower clusters in spring
MOCKORANGE Philadelphus hybrids 5-8/5 ft. 1.5-2/1.5 m sun to part shade
Several varieties of shrubs with very fragrant flower clusters
NANNYBERRY Viburnum lentago 10/7 ft. 3/2 m sun to shade
Glossy foliage turns red in the fall; black fruit attracts birds
NINEBARK Physocarpus hybrids 3-7/3-5 ft. 1-2/1-1.5 m sun to part shade
Several varieties of shrubs with colourful foliage and white summer flowers
PLUM, DOUBLE FLOWERING Prunus triloba ‘Multiplex’ 7/5 ft. 2/1.5 m sun
Double flowers in early spring, very showy, before leaves emerge. No fruit
PLUM, PURPLE LEAFED Prunus cistena 6/5 ft. 1.8/1.5 m sun
Purple leaves, small single pink flowers, no fruit, good color contrast in a landscape
POTENTILLA Potentilla fruiticosa hybrids 2-3/2-3 ft. .5-1/.5-1 m sun
Many varieties of compact shrubs; small continually blooming flowers; great variety of colours and sizes

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