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Name Comments
Botanical Name
Viburnum dentatum
Height/Spread Sun or Shade
7/5 ft. 2/1.5 m
Flower Colour Zone
white 4
white 2
various 4
sun to part shade
Clusters of umbrella shaped flowers in spring; blue back fruit, leaves turn red in the fall
ASHLEAF/FALSE SPIREA Sorbaria sorbifolia 7/7 ft. 2/2 m sun to shade
Spreading shrub with plumes of flowers and lacy foliage
AZALEA Rhododendron x spp. 3/3 ft. 1/1 m part shade
Many varieties, double flower clusters on compact shrubs, need winter protection and acid soil
BUFFALOBERRY, SILVER Shepherdia argentea 10/7 ft. 3/2 m yellow sun 2
Hardy native shrub with spiny stems; silver fruit, drought tolerant
BURNING BUSH Euonymus hybrids 1.5-6/3-10 ft. .5-2/1-3 m
sun to part shade 2-3
Several varieties of compact shrubs, interesting small fruit, leaves turn red in the fall
CARAGANA Caragana hybrids 3-13/3-10 ft. 1-4/1-3 m yellow sun to part shade 2
Many varieties of spiny stemmed shrubs with prolific yellow flowers; dwarf to quite tall; drought tolerant
COTONEASTER Cotoneaster acutifolia 7/5 ft. 2/1.5 m pink sun 2
Hardy shrub with small glossy leaves that turn red in the fall; excellent hedging plant
CRANBERRY Virburnum species 2-10/2-7 ft. .5-3/.5-2 m white moist sun to shade 2-3
Several varieties of shade tolerant compact shrubs with red fall colour; some with flowers and fruit
DAPHNE, ROSE Daphne cneorum 1-2/2-3 ft. .3-.6/.6-1 m sun to part shade
Several varieties of small, dense, broad-leaved evergreen shrubs, fragrant early flowers
DOGWOOD Cornus hybrids 2-7/2-5 ft. .5-2/.5-1.5 m moist part sun to shade
Shade tolerant shrubs, colourful stems; clusters of white flowers in early summer
ELDER Sambucus species 7-10/5-7 ft. 2-3/1.5-2 m sun
pink 4
white 3
cream, white
3 Several varieties of fast growing shrubs, green, yellow or variegated leaves, some deeply serrated
FORSYTHIA, NORTHERN GOLD Forsythia ovata ‘Northern Gold’ 5/3 ft. 1.5/1 m yellow sun to part shade 3
Earliest shrub to bloom in the spring
pink, yellow

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