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Planting & positioning
Your choice of tree or shrub will depend on two main things, the size of the area that you wish to fill, and the reason you are filling that spot. When considering a plant for a certain area, be sure to consider the plant’s ultimate size. Be sure not to plant too close to houses, garages, or other permanent structures.
Trees and shrubs can be planted anytime from spring to fall. If the ground can be worked you can plant.
Tree & shrub planting steps
1)Dig a hole 2 times the width of the root-ball or the pot that the plant comes in and a little deeper.
2)Remove the plant from its pot or remove burlap if bare root and gently massage roots.
3) Plant the tree or shrub in the hole at the same level it was planted in the pot.
4) Fill in hole with a mixture of topsoil and compost. 5) Water plant in well and fertilize with a transplant
fertilizer (10-52-10) or Myke growth supplement.
Note: Peat pots should be removed from all plants planted in the Calgary area, as they do not degrade quickly in our short growing season.
tip: Trim and reshape hedges in mid to late June.

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