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LARCH-SIBERIAN Larix sibirica 25/12 ft. 8/3.5 m Unique conifer sheds needles in winter; soft green needles turn gold in the fall
Name Botanical Name Height/Spread Comments
Sun/Shade Zone
sun to part shade 2
LARCH-WEEPING Larix decidua ‘Pendula’ Height depends on training, width 5-8 ft. Deciduous conifer with soft green needles spring to early fall, needles turn yellow, then drop in late fall. Weeping branches grow downwards, can cover ground
FIR-DWARF BALSAM Abies balsamea ‘Nana’ Compact globe-like growth habit; flat green needles
RUSSIAN CYPRESS Microbiota decussata Spreading growth habit; bright green foliage
1/3 ft. .3/1 m
1/5 ft. .3/1.5 m
part shade 4
sun to part shade 3

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