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During the first season after planting; supplemental watering is required to encourage a healthy tree and root system. As fall approaches stop any fertilization and continuing watering up until the ground is frozen; to allow the roots to freeze and survive the winter. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you with all of your tree and shrub selections.
Trees and shrubs
Trees and shrubs give an air of maturity to a yard. Deciduous plants give yards summer shade and colour until they lose their leaves in the fall. Evergreen trees and shrubs keep their foliage all year round, giving needed winter colour.
While trees and shrubs serve many decorative purposes, they are useful for other garden needs. They can be used for shelter belts, privacy screens and much needed shade, to name a few. Both deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs come in a large variety of sizes, shapes and leaf and needle patterns.
Flowering fruit trees
All apple, crabapple, apricot, pear and plum trees need two varieties of that tree within bee flying distance for pollination, if fruit is desired. Generally this isn’t difficult with apples and crabapples, as they are common, but apricot, plum and pear are less likely to be close by. Plums need two different varieties that bloom at the same time.
Planting and positioning
Your choice of tree or shrub will depend on two main things, the size of the area that you wish to fill, and the purpose you have for filling for that spot. When considering a plant for a certain area, be
sure to consider the plant’s ultimate size. Be sure not to plant too close to houses, garages, or other permanent structures.
Trees and shrubs can be planted anytime from spring to fall. If the ground can be worked, you can plant.
Tree & shrub planting steps
1)Dig a hole 2 times the width of the root-ball or the pot that the plant comes in and a little deeper.
2) Remove the plant from its pot or remove burlap if bare root and gently massage roots.
3) Plant the tree or shrub in the hole at the same level it was planted in the pot.
4) Fill in hole with a mixture of topsoil and compost.
5) Water plant in well and fertilize with a transplant
fertilizer (10-52-10) or Myke growth supplement.
Note: Peat pots should be removed from all plants planted in the Calgary area, as they do not degrade quickly in our short growing season.

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