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The climate of Alberta is conducive to growing a wider variety of trees and shrubs than most people realize. Our cold winters bring the dormancy that trees and shrubs need to renew their growth cycle. Choosing plants that thrive in Alberta is the first step toward having a beautiful outdoor living area and garden. Also remember we have Microclimates in our yards; retaining walls, sidewalks and paved surfaces radiate heat and our south facing areas area generally warmer than the north.
What makes greengate garden centres’ trees and shrubs special? Trees and shrubs are grown from the hardiest sources available; selections are chosen from the coldest climates in Canada. Our suppliers’ plants are container grown and provide the consumer with an established, well-rooted plant with impressive health and vigor.
A few of the exciting shrubs in our tree lot;
New for 2017 find Canadian Classics easily found in Red and White Maple Leaf pots. They feature shrubs hardy to Calgary that are cultivars developed in Canada in honor of Canada’s 150th Birthday! Time tested these super hardy plants are guaranteed to perform in your garden. Also look for the deep red 2017 Canadian Shield Rose along with some favorites like Gold Mound Spirea, Pocahontas Lilac and the Morden Golden Glow Elder. greengate Garden Centres will also have the Atomic Amur Maple the reddest Maple of all hardy to Calgary.
Find an amazing collection of other hardy shrubs too, such as Barberries, Ninebarks, and Elders. They
provide colourful foliage all season long with the added benefit of flowers.
Roses are fabulous plants for the garden with their long blooming season and rich variety of colour options and fragrances. Although they may require a little more work than other flowering plants, their flower-power is well worth the effort. We’ve expanded our line-up of David Austin Roses with many new varieties to choose from. We’ll also be featuring the gorgeous Olds College Rose again this season, which was named for their 100th anniversary. This short hardy rose (18”-24” x 24”-36”) features double peach blooms from June to September.
Come and see our new collection of combination Fruit Trees and Shrubs. These plants are grown with the needed pollinators all in one pot, so it takes the guesswork out of deciding which ones you need to buy. There will also be some combination apples in espalier form an elegant way to use horizontal space.

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