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Hope for Humanity
Since 2003, greengate Garden Centres has been donating the proceeds from the sale of the “Hope for Humanity” rose to the Calgary Homeless Foundation, in an effort towards ending homelessness in Calgary.
This wonderful rose was named to honor the centennial of the Canadian Red Cross. The vigorous plant grows up to 150 cm high and as a Parkland Series Rose is remarkably winter hardy.
The Hope for Humanity is one of the darkest roses you can find, showing large clusters of lightly scented, blood red flowers, and oval shaped dark green leaves the entire season. Hardy and disease resistant the Hope for Humanity rose is rare in its color and shape rivalling tea roses. If you’re looking for a true red hardy shrub rose then the Hope for Humanity is it. Plant in full sun and well- drained soil.
The plant’s regal upright habit makes it perfect for the back border, or use it as a specimen planting in the perennial bed. You can also use the Hope for Humanity Rose for the following landscape uses;
• Mass Planting • Groundcover
• Border Edging
• Container Planting
In addition, every November through December, greengate Garden Centres host a 5-week charity drive leading up to Christmas supporting the Calgary Homeless Foundation. Help us Help the homeless not just during our Christmas Campaign, but by planting a Hope for Humanity Rose this spring. Together we can help end homelessness in Calgary.

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