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Name Comments
THERESA BUGNET 6/5 ft. 1.75/1.5 m pink medium
Repeat blooming on old wood, disease resistant foliage turns red in the fall
TOPAZ JEWEL 5/3 ft. 1.5/1 m yellow medium
Cream yellow flowers bloom continually through out the summer, disease resistant
tip: If roses need pruning, do so as new leaves emerge. Cut back dead tips to just above a leaf. Make your cuts at an angle but not too steep. Cut away branches that cross and shorten those that are too long.
7/4 ft. 2/1.25 m
gardener’s secrets - roses
Mulching around the base of roses will help to reduce soil born diseases, such as black spot. Cedar or bark mulch as required.
Plant in an airy location. Ventilation is important for rose health.
Iron Chelate added to the soil helps to reduce the yellowing of leaves. Plant Prod Iron Chelate 7% is a great choice.
Feed roses using a high quality, rose specific fertilizer for best results. A good option is Myke Rose Food 5-3-8.
Height/Spread Fragrance
Flower Colour
Tall vigorous growth habit with pure white, large fragrant flowers in spring
large semi-double
large double
medium double

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