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other hardy shrub roses
AUSTRIAN COPPER 7/5 ft. 2/1.5 m orange strong
Name Comments
Height/Spread Fragrance
Flower Colour
medium double
deep pink Hardy, low growing rose with clusters of bright red continuous flowers
2/2 ft. .6/.6 m
medium single Tall upright growth habit with unique orange flowers, yellow underneath, blooms in June
BLANC DE COUBERT 5/5 ft. 1.5/1.5 m white medium double strong
Fragrant white, continually blooming flowers, disease resistant
F.J. GROOTENDORST 4/3 ft. 1.3/1 m red small double light
Carnation-like, recurrent red flowers over leathery dark green foliage, disease resistant
HANSA 5/5 ft. 1.5/1.5 m reddish purple medium double strong
Hardy, vigorous, fragrant rose with recurrent reddish-purple blooms, disease resistant
HUNTER 5/3 ft. 1.5/1 m crimson large double light
Repeat blooms. Will tolerate some shade
PERSIAN YELLOW 6/5 ft. 2/1.5 m yellow medium double strong
Tall vigorous rose with deep yellow flowers; long lasting blooms in June
PINK GROOTENDORST 4/3 ft. 1.25/1 m pink small double light
Continual blooming, carnation-like, double pink flowers, disease resistant
PRAIRIE DAWN 5/3 ft. 1.5/1 m pink light
Double continual blooms on large upright shrub
PRAIRIE JOY 4/4 ft. 1.25/1.25 m pink medium
Dense foliage make this plant ideal for hedging or screening, flowers mostly in June
small double
small double
RED LEAF 5/4 ft. 1.5/1.25 m pink medium
small single Attractive reddish-purple foliage on reddish stems, pink summer flowers with a white eye

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