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P. 108

Name Height/Spread
Flower Colour
parkland roses
ADELAIDE HOODLESS 4/4 ft. 1.2/1.2 m light
medium semi-double
large double
medium double
medium double
red Bright red continuous flowers borne singly, disease resistant
CUTHBERT GRANT 4/3 ft. 1.2/.75 m light
Recurring bloomer with very large, crimson, double flowers
HOPE FOR HUMANITY 3/3 ft. 1/1 m light
Low, compact rose; wine-red continuous blooms
MORDEN AMORETTE 2/2 ft. .6/.6 m medium
Compact bushy shrub. Blooms from spring till frost
MORDEN BLUSH 3/3 ft. 1/1 m medium
deep purplish red
deep wine red
carmine rose
light pink
Very long blooming hybrid tea type flowers, low growing; light pink flowers fade to ivory, disease resistant
MORDENCARDINETTE 2/2ft.1.6/1.6m cardinalred mediumdouble light
Low compact shrub. Striking red blooms all season
MORDENCENTENNIAL 3/3ft.1/1m pink mediumdouble medium
Clusters of bright pink flowers; recurrent blooms through the summer, disease resistant
MORDEN FIREGLOW 2/2 ft. .6/.6 m orange red light
Brilliant flower colour; recurrent blooms through the summer
medium double
medium double
medium semi-double
MORDEN RUBY 3/3 ft. 1/1 m light
Clusters of blended pink flowers
MORDEN SNOWBEAUTY 2.5/3 ft. .75/1 m light
Low growing shrub. High disease resistance
MORDEN SUNRISE 3/3 ft. 1/1 m light
Uniquely coloured, continuous blooms
ruby red - lighter markings
small semi-double
small double

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