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Clusters of double flowers through entire season, disease resistant
GEORGE VANCOUVER 3/3 ft. 1/1 m soft red light
Clusters of double flowers through entire season
HENRY HUDSON 2/2 ft. .6/.6 m pink-white light
Pink buds open into clusters of white flowers, continuing through the summer
HENRY KELSEY 7/5 ft. 2/1.5 m scarlet red medium
Long, vigorous, arching stems; flower clusters form throughout the summer
J.P. CONNELL 4/4 ft. 1.2/1.2 m yellow-cream light
Yellow flowers fade to cream; flowers re-bloom though out the season
JENS MUNK 5/4 ft. 1.5/1.2 m pink strong
Continual fragrant double blooms all season
Name Height/Spread
Flower Colour
explorer roses
ALEXANDER MCKENZIE 6/5 ft. 1.7/1.5 m strong
Tall, continually blooming, fragrant rose
CHAMPLAIN 4/3 ft. 1.25/1 m medium
dark reddish pink
medium double
medium double
bright red Double flowers are continually produced throughout the summer
CHARLES ALBANEL 2/2 ft. .6/.6 m pink medium
small single Low growing rose, recurring flowers through summer; good ground cover, disease resistant
DAVID THOMPSON 3/1.5 ft. 1/.75 m strong
Continual double flowers; compact, shrub-like growth habit
DE MONTARVILLE 3/3 ft. 1/1 m medium
Continual bloom. Flowers average 7 cm in clusters of 1-4
FRONTENAC 3/3 ft. 1/1 m light
medium pink
deep pink
medium double
medium semi-double
large double
medium double
medium semi-double
medium semi-double
medium double
medium double

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