At greengate garden centres you get the very best in gardening - all year long.

Why settle for anything less than the healthiest plants available sourced from the best growers? Insist on the hardiest perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, tropical plants, indoor flowering, seeds and bulbs. Our garden specialists are happy to help you choose everything you need: hand selected to grow in the Calgary climate and micro climates. Drop by greengate to browse for statuary, pond supplies, Stihl power tools or just take a stroll through our Cravo greenhouses to satisfy your need for green.


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Summer Watering Tips

Use the Right Pots

Choose pots that are better at keeping moisture. Clay pots are very porous and they leach water away from the roots. Metal pots heat up quickly in the sun which also causes evaporation. Pots like plastic and glazed clay are better at moisture retention. You can also group your pots together to create a micro-climate. Each pot can shade the other helping in moisture loss. If it helps you can also put plastic pots inside of porous pots to coordinate your outdoor colour space while still having the benefits of moisture retention.

Irrigate Effectively

If you use an automated system ensure that you are deep watering less often. A couple of short sprinkles may make you feel like things have been watered but far to often this water is trapped on leaves and evaporates quickly. You want to get a deep soak. Also, override your timer when it has or is going to rain. This will save you dollars in the long run by not over-watering. If possible when using an automated system to use drip lines keeping water close to the soil. (Learn More...)

Save money & save labour!

STIHL Dealer Days Sale at greengate

STIHL Dealer Days Sales are on at greengate. Stop in and realize some savings on your gas or battery powered yard tools now.

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