At greengate garden centres you get the very best in gardening - all year long.

Why settle for anything less than the healthiest plants available sourced from the best growers? Insist on the hardiest perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, tropical plants, indoor flowering, seeds and bulbs. Our garden specialists are happy to help you choose everything you need: hand selected to grow in the Calgary climate and micro climates. Drop by greengate to browse for statuary, pond supplies, Stihl power tools or just take a stroll through our Cravo greenhouses to satisfy your need for green.


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Fall Prep Tips

In the months of September through October, greengate Garden Centres brings in our fall bulb collection.

Now is the time to get your spring flowering bulbs. These bulbs are planted in late summer, (September through to November) and will bloom in March, April, May, and June. It is better to plant bulbs earlier in the season, so the roots of the bulb are well-establish before the first frost.

Bulbs can still be planted after the first frost, provided the soil is not frozen and can be worked easily. The general rule of thumb for spring bulbs is that they should be planted three times as deep as they are high. All bulbs should be treated with bulb dust before the bulbs are planted in the ground. The bulb dust helps to prevent insects and fungi from attacking the bulb. The use of both, the bulb dust and Myke or bone meal will ensure maximum growth for the flowers in the spring.

To many people's surprise, you can plant trees, shrubs and perennials right up until the ground is frozen.

This is because the trees & shrubs we sell are containerized and have a sufficient root ball that they are basically self-sustaining.

This method works well even if the tree or shrub itself has gone dormant. Fall planting is a great way to save on your garden and get a head start on next season. Just plant as you would at any other time in the season and water it in well. If you can time it, water just before a deep freeze. This will help your trees survive our roller coaster winters. If the root ball stays frozen through winter your trees will have an excellent chance of taking full root in the coming season.

Tree and Shrub Planting Steps

When planting and positioning your tree or shrub will depend on two main things, the size of the area that you wish to fill, and the reason you are filling that spot. When considering a plant for a certain area, be sure to consider the plant's ultimate size. Be sure not to plant too close to houses, garages, or other permanent structures.

Dig a hole 2 times the width of the root-ball or the pot that the plant comes in and a little deeper.

Remove the plant from its pot or remove burlap if bare root and gently massage roots.

Plant the tree or shrub in the hole at the same level it was planted in the pot.

Fill in hole with a mixture of topsoil and compost.

Water in well at this time of year its best to use Myke as your transplant fertilizer as it's a beneficial fungus not a growth stimulant.

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